Success Stories

“The Watkins Saw Cures Everything from Scheduling Issues to Cutoff Burrs/Nubs”

A note from a successful, multi-faceted job shop manufacturer in the Midwest that produces a typical cross section of screw machine parts with approximately 30 multi’s (Davenport, Wickman and New Britain) and a Watkins Saw on most of them:

We use the Watkins Saw (zee Vatkins Saw, I love Fritz’ accent) for cutoff on our Wickmans, New Britain 51’s, 52’s, 61’s, and 62’s (anything with a swing stop or that has the room for the Watkins Saw), and on our Davenports.  Dave even engineered his own swing stop for an old NB 60 and we had a Watkins Saw in there as well.

The Watkins Saw will cure everything from scheduling issues to cutoff burrs/nubs. Just as Fritz from Watkins will tell you.  Seriously, I love his accent and especially his saws. There is an investment to start with, but they are great and will pay for themselves many times over (fantastic ROI!). As mentioned, you get awesome finishes (usually under 63) on anything from aluminum to stainless.  They are the best for long parts and blind hole parts.  No more playing with C/O centerlines, etc.

If you buy one, you’ll buy more.Thanks,

RSC Makes Your Processes Fast and Smooth

A Brown and Sharpe shop in New York had this to say:

Before we purchased the Watkins saw attachment our Brown and Sharpe Automatic would cutoff parts with a cutoff blade. This would create stringy chip issues that would slow down production. Chips would wrap around the bar creating short feed outs and tool life was terrible due to the heat generated by the single point cutoff tool. Downtime was big issue. We would slow the cycle time down to correct the problems, but it just made matters worse.

The process was simply an ugly mess.

The situation immediately improved after purchasing the Watkins Saw. Chips were no longer an issue, cycle times were faster than ever before, and tool life was great. Downtime went away.

The process became a great success.

Some of the jobs that we produced on this machine were stainless steel, and let me tell you, we couldn’t have produced them without the Watkins Saw. RSC is such an efficient way to cutoff stainless–Chips are not an issue and tool life is dramatically improved.

Traditionally, the saws are used on automatics and our company is currently working on expanding the use of the Watkins Saw to other areas of the business, as well, including CNC lathe cutoff and slitting applications and VMC slotting.

Everyone on the Watkins Saw team are a pleasure to work with. They are our heroes!

Chris Pedersen and Dan “Iggy” Ignasiak, SEPCO Erie