“No other source has matched the value we get from our Watkins saw blades or provides comparable service…”

“The Watkins Saw team are a pleasure to work with. They are our heroes!”

“RSC is an efficient way to cutoff stainless–chips aren’t an issue and tool life is dramatically improved.”

“Chips are no longer an issue, cycle times are faster, and tool life was great.”

“You get awesome finishes (usually under 63) on anything from aluminum to stainless.”

Watkins Rotary Saw Blades and Attachments

Learn more about our Kerf Cutter Lease. Under $300/month.

Time to ‘Turn’ your profits up!

…take a costly operation like your
cutoff and make it profitable and headache free!

Convert to Rotary Saw Cutting (RSC)

Stop Throwing Away Your Hard-Earned Profits. With the Watkins Saw, you’ll:

  • Increase hourly machine productivity
  • Increase machine profitability
  • Get lean and green by cutting material, production, and process waste
  • Reduce Kerf – narrower cutoff width generates more parts per bar
  • Make life easier for machine operators
  • Improve part quality
  • Eliminate many manufacturing headaches
  • Need less (or no!) secondary machining
  • Eliminate costly and frustrating stringy chip problems
  • Increase annual machine production capacity and profitability
  • Generate an immediate ROI of 70-300%

Circular Carbide Saw Blades

Your Best Source for Carbide Circular Saws:

  • Sets the standard in the industry for value with great quality and exceptional pricing
  • Solid C2 micro-grain carbide
  • Totally ground tool: hollow ground/dished sides for clearance, ID, and teeth
  • Customized to your requirements: varied tooth geometries with 36 to 220 teeth
  • Standard OD 2-6” (additional sizes are available)
  • Standard thickness .032” to .125” (additional thicknesses are available)
  • Hub saws available
  • Technical and application support available
  • Many surface coatings available to fit your application and maximize performance
  • Full re-sharpening services

No matter the machine, Watkins can likely design an attachment to upgrade it. With over 35 years in the business, we’ve perfected the process.