Rotary Saw Blades

“No other source has matched the value we get from our Watkins saw blades or provides comparable service…”

“We’ve been using carbide saws for years and have tried multiple sources. None have matched the value of the saws we get from Watkins. As good as or better than any we’ve used, and unbelievably well priced—so the value is phenomenal. We save in two ways: their saws cost less, and their saws last longer which only drives our tooling cost even lower. They take care of us too: we’ve experienced no compromise in service at all.”

~A satisfied customer in Chicago

Custom Order your Solid Carbide Saw Blades

Contact us today for a quote and be on your way to using Watkins rotary saw blades—the best value in the metal cutting industry.

If you need help with your application and choosing the right tool, we can provide technical support to match the best saw to your job: thickness, speeds/feeds, number of teeth, tooth geometry, surface coating, and more.

In addition to the high value you get with new Watkins saw blades, take advantage of our full re-sharpening services to lessen waste and keep your tooling costs even lower and profits higher.

And we can reduce your tooling cost by re-sharpening your rotary saw blades!

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Watkins Saw Blade Coating

Watkins Suitable Substrates Material uses


HSS, Carbide

General, all-purpose coating


HSS, Carbide

Alloy steel, steel 45-56 HRC



Alloy steel, steel 56-72 HRC

SawGlide Xtra

HSS, Carbide

Alloy steel, all steels, nickel alloy

SawTough Plus

HSS, Carbide

All steels, stainless steel, cast iron, Aerospace alloys

SawGlide Plus

HSS, Carbide

Brass, copper, bronze


Solid carbide circular saws for all your cutoff, grooving, slitting, slotting, and rough forming needs.