About Us

We Started the Rotary Saw Cutting Industry

With RSC, We Engineered a Better Way

Decades ago we looked at all the problems and short-comings with single-point cutting. Stringy chips. Slow feed rates and cutoff times. Constant tool adjustments. Excess kerf and wasted material. And lots of secondary machining to deal with nibs, burrs, and rough surfaces.

Enter RSC. We invented Rotary Saw Cutting and eliminated these problems, not only improving the quality of the parts being produced, but increasing production and efficiency as well. We took a necessary operation and made it profitable.


Setting the Standard for Precise Part Quality

With RSC, surfaces are smoother, length tolerances are tighter and repeatable, and the quality of the part as a whole is improved significantly.

In this day and age of stringent quality control, that is a distinct advantage.